Please note that during the period of any Government Covid-19 restrictions, some aspects of our regular service may be subject to change. These may include the time period your table may be available, maximum table sizes, closing time, and the opportunity to have drinks before or after your meal at a separate table. Please see further details below, or enquire directly with the restaurant for details of how current restrictions will affect your booking.


Reservation Duration
Tables are available for two hours or such shorter time communicated to you in your booking confirmation, after which they will be re-booked for another customer. Please contact us if you would like to stay at your table for longer than two hours and, if we have space available, we will do our best to accommodate you. For tables booked at 13:30 or later, or 20:00 or later, your table will not be re-booked and you will not need to request the table for a longer period of time if required.

We respectfully ask that you are ready to be seated at the time of your reservation to ensure the best possible level of service to all of our guests. If you are running late, we kindly ask that you notify us by telephone at your earliest convenience. Your table will be held for 15 minutes after which time it may be allocated to another customer.

Should you wish to have a drink prior to being seated, please arrive earlier or change your reservation to a later time. You may continue your experience in the bar (Banjo and Oyster Box) or on the terrace (weather permitting at Oyster Box) for drinks after your meal.

Cancellation Policy

We require at least four hours’ notice for every cancellation. For bookings cancelled with less than four hours’ notice, we will charge £10.00 per person if we are unable to resell the table. In the event that you do not show up, we may charge £15.00 per person. We also may request a deposit to guarantee a table on on busy days. We are sorry that cancellation charges and deposits have become necessary but we have had too many “no-shows” resulting in empty tables we could have reserved for other customers.

Table Allocation
Due to the large number of requests, unfortunately we cannot guarantee window tables or specific areas when taking reservations, but we will do our best to accommodate your requests. Your understanding is appreciated.

As a guide, if you choose to dine early and leave your table by 20.15 or later, or book a table from 20.30, there is a higher chance we are able to offer you a window table/a specific area of the restaurant. However, we cannot always guarantee this availability due to other bookings and table configurations.

Food Safety and Allergens
We respectfully ask that food that has not been prepared in our kitchens is not consumed on our premises. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes celebratory cakes so please ask if you would like a cake made at Banjo or Oyster Box. Jersey Crab Shack offers celebratory puddings only. At least 48 hours’ notice is required, so please call or e-mail your chosen restaurant as far in advance as possible. The reasons we have implemented this policy are that we are (i) often unable to find a place to store the cake in a fridge, which is often required for food safety purposes, (ii) the service of food not on the menu can impact our quality of service to the customer who brought the cake and customers on other tables, especially if we were not warned in advance, (iii) in the event of an alleged food poisoning or serious allergic reaction of one of our guests, we would be unable to trace the source in accordance with our Food Safety procedures.

We cater for most dietary requirements and have strict policies in place for customers with food allergies. These policies and our allergen menus are available to view online at Please let us know of any allergies before you place your order at the restaurant, and check our allergen menu before choosing your dish. This will ensure that we are able to follow our food allergy policy, and take all reasonable precautions to avoid cross-contamination. We are happy to respond to any specific requests for further information regarding allergens in our kitchens prior to your visit. All of our managers, wait staff, chefs and kitchen staff are fully trained on our allergen policy and any questions can be answered prior to orders being taken.

Cashless Payments
Please note that JPRestaurants no longer accepts cash in any of our restaurants or cafés. Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard, Amex and debit cards. We can also receive payment via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

We have comprehensive customer and staff policies and procedures in place to protect everyone during the Covid-19 pandemic.  These include increased hygiene and social distancing measures which must be followed by all customers in accordance with Government of Jersey guidelines.

Customers confirm that they, and others included in the booking,  are (i) free from symptoms of Covid-19 when making a booking and/or visiting JPRestaurants premises and that, (ii) when visiting a JPRestaurants (a) they will, if requested,  take a temperature check (b) they will wear a face mask if required by Government regulations and guidelines (c) they are not required to isolate due to recent travel history before arrival in Jersey or due to having been required to isolate by a Government Track & Trace team.

Customers also acknowledge that, in line with Government guidelines, we may be unable to accept bookings for parties of more than a certain number. The guidelines may prevent us from splitting parties over several smaller tables, so guests agree not to attempt to bypass the restrictions by booking a large party across several smaller tables. Should this happen, we will be unable to honour the booking.

By making a booking, guests also agree to respect any closing times imposed under Government restrictions.

Current Restrictions
Under current Government restrictions, guests acknowledge that we may not be able to offer them their table for our normal reservation duration. By making a booking, you accept that we may need to ask you to leave your table earlier than usual to ensure that we can carry out deep cleaning in advance of the next customer’s arrival.

Guests are also advised that, as a result of physical distancing regulations and guidelines, we may not be able to meet requests for specific tables or areas of the restaurant. We may also be unable to provide a separate table for drinks before your meal (at Banjo or Oyster Box).

Click & Collect and Order at Table
Click & Collect orders will be held for at least 30 minutes after your chosen slot time or until closing time of the outlet, which ever is earlier. After that time, orders may be disposed of and no refund will be given. Please note orders not collected at the chosen pick up time may result in some dishes deteriorating in quality and taste. Order at Table orders for dining in may only be made during our opening hours. Any orders outside these times will not be actioned and no refund can be given. Click & Collect orders can only be made on the day of pick up.

No changes to pick-up time or pick-up location can be made once is an order is placed. No refunds will be given once an order is placed and paid for using Click & Collect or Order at Table, even if incorrect location or time is selected by you.  Any feedback as to quality and service or complaints should be addressed to our Customer Services team.

Privacy Policy
We have a detailed Privacy Policy dealing with how we use your personal information. Please see our full privacy policy here.

Gift Cards
Gift cards can be purchased at participating JPRestaurants sites and online. The cards can be redeemed at participating JPRestaurants outlets, but cannot be used at our sister ceramics business (Jersey Pottery) or for Click & Collect purchases.

Gift cards cannot be refunded, exchanged for cash or vouchers, or used to settle accounts.

If the balance of an intended purchase is higher than the gift card amount, the remaining balance can be settled by cash or card. If the intended purchase is lower than the gift card amount, any amount over will remain on the card until the expiry date.

All gift cards are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. Any remaining balance will be deducted to nil and forfeited on the date of expiry.

Gift cards remain the property of JPRestaurants and may not be defaced, tampered with, or interfered with, without our consent.

Regretfully, we are unable to replace lost or stolen cards.

Loyalty Cards

The JPRestaurants Loyalty Card entitles you to receive points on every purchase you make at Café Ubé, which you can redeem against subsequent purchases at any Café Ubé.

You will earn 5 points for every pound you spend on food and drinks. Each 100 points entitles you to food and hot and cold drinks to a value of £1, an equivalent of 5% discount on all purchases, redeemable only in Café Ubé.

In order to continue to receive the benefits as a cardholder, you agree to your current e-mail address being held on the JPRestaurants database and to receive e-mails and newsletters from time to time about our products and services. You may be required on an annual basis to confirm your e-mail address and if you unsubscribe from the database, your card may be withdrawn. Lost cards will be replaced but an administration fee of £10 may be charged.

Loyalty cards remain the property of JPRestaurants and may not be defaced, tampered with, or interfered with, without our consent.

Any cards not used over a six month period will lose any accumulated points.

The scheme may be withdrawn on three months’ notice.