Buddha Bowl

We know how important your vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can be. That’s why, at our restaurants and cafés, we do all we can to support veggie diets and to make sure our vegetarian and vegan dishes remain just that.

Dining out as a vegetarian or vegan can sometimes be worrying. Will the chef appreciate the importance of your lifestyle? Does the restaurant have kitchen processes in place, that take vegetarianism or veganism seriously? Can you be sure that there’s no animal products accidentally in the dish? At JPRestaurants, we respect vegetarians and vegans, and do all we can to give you a meal that matches your dietary choice.


Keeping things separate

Our kitchen processes focus on keeping animal products as separate as possible.

We have separate fryers: one that we use specifically for animal products, and one that’s animal-free. We never fry ingredients for our veggie or vegan dishes in the same oil as meat or fish has been fried.

We roast vegetables in olive oil in the oven, rather than using grills (which have had meat/fish products on) to reduce the likelihood of them coming into contact with meat/fish traces. And we have strict protocols to minimise cross-contamination risks in our cooking methods, like using separate equipment and thoroughly cleaning surfaces in between preparing different ingredients.


No cheesy mistakes

We also take care with cheeses: our kitchens only use parmesan-style cheese that’s made with vegetarian rennet, rather than animal rennet. This is to make sure that it’s impossible for our chefs to get confused and accidentally use parmesan with an animal-based rennet in a vegetarian meal.


Assessing the risks

We have a strict allergen process to assess the risks for all of our dishes – and this includes assessing the risks for vegan and vegetarian products, too. All of our vegan dishes are kept absolutely free from any meat, fish, or animal-based products, with eggs and dairy being allergens that we closely monitor to manage any risk of cross-contamination.


Giving you choice

We aim to give our guests as much choice as possible, and our menus always include vegetarian and vegan dishes – that follow our above protocols to ensure that they’re genuinely vegetarian or vegan.

We also try to include a vegetarian or vegan option as part of our regularly-changing Specials, so that there’s always something new and innovative for our veggie guests to try.


We know how important vegan and vegetarianism is to our guests, and we aim to be as transparent as we can, showing integrity for our customers.